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Publisher: Christian Toft Madsen

Beneath our feet is the mythological hollow world – a realm of dense jungles, putrid swamps and rugged mountains. Here a brave party will struggle for survival as they seek to fathom the unseen expanse and to prevent a once defeated god to rise again.

‘Journey to the Inside Out’ can be played as a stand-alone scenario or be used as the first installment in a trilogy of connected adventure modules each taking place in a different era.

The scenario can be used with Swords & Wizardry or any other early variant of game rules and is suitable for PCs level 2-4. Inside you will find:

  • A 40+ page old-school module with a layout optimized for fast and easy interfacing.
  • A challenging lost world setting with the possibility to toggle the complexity.
  • Alternative suggestions for entry to the hollow inside.
  • Downloadable maps for both players and the Referee.
  • Story-points for a guided scenario and tables for sandbox and hexcrawl-style play.
  • Advice for an ongoing campaign.
  • Locations allowing the PCs to travel to another era within the setting.
  • Unique new creatures.

Journey to the Inside OutPrice: $3.95