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This stock illustration by Jeshields shows a disorganized toolbox filled with mechanic tools.

Other key words include: maintenance box shop oil rag wrench torque pliers socket screw bolt

Purchase includes one PNG image in black & white.
Dimensions: Roughly 4.25×3.00 inches at 300 dpi.

Need this in another format? Contact me via the email listed here.


License Terms:
May be modified for specific needs.
Must credit ‘Jeshields’ for any use.

May not be used in the following:
Products sold primarily for artistic value (Stock art, tokens, posters, etc)
Works overtly deemed racist, sexist, or similarly offensive works
Sexually explicit works

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JEStockArt - Modern - Messy Mechanic Toolbox With Dirty Oil Rag - INBPrice: $4.99