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Publisher: Eric Bright

More Options for Ironsworn Foes!

This supplement adds additional foes in every category including anomalies and a new threat:

  • Ironlanders 
    • Kyngi – monster hunters who alter their bodies and slowly go mad
    • Viggor – practitioners of beast magic
  • Firstborn
    • Hofudi – snake folk
    • Igdan – bird folk
  • Animals
    • Green wolf – a wolf covered with plant-like fur
    • Ironclaw bear – bears covered in stone digging for deep mysteries
    • Rock panther – bird hunters of the mountains
    • Weaver fox – sly hunters that try their prey in web
  • Beasts
    • Tumulus – living rock creatures of limited intelligence
    • Warg – wolf-like mounts of the giants
  • Horrors
    • Banshee – screaming ghosts
    • Ember – firey undead
  • Anomalies
    • Glade of eternal rest – places of power that drain life from those who enter
    • Insect swarm – plague of locusts or other insects that blot out the sun
  • Threat
    • Undead uprising with accompanying frightening signs

Using the Foes for Other RPGs

First of all, if you’re not playing Shawn Tomkin’s Ironsworn game, what are you waiting for?!  It’s a great game that has all the drivers you need to make excellen fantasy stories with just the right amount of grit.  Plus, Shawn graciously gives it away for free right here on DriveThru!

As great as Ironsworn is, you could also use these foe ideas for almost any other gritty, fantasy system or setting.  Check out the above list of foes included in this supplement.  You can use those in almost any game!  So have at it!

Not an Official Ironsworn Product

This is NOT an official Ironsworn product.  This is a fan-made supplement that is only possible through the generous licensing granted by Ironsworn author, Shawn Tomkin.  Thank you, Shawn!

This work is based on Ironsworn (found at, created by Shawn Tomkin, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (

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