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Publisher: Sorceress of Inspiration

As Above, So Below is a special type of role-playing module: an Infinite Dungeons™ adventure! These modules are designed to be plugged into an existing tabletop campaign or used as the starting point for one. Every Infinite Dungeons™ adventure includes an initial storyline with a set conclusion as well as multiple ways to continue the story.

Adventure Introduction: Dangerous enemies, strange events, and missing monks await any adventurer who dares to investigate the abandoned monastery. What lurks in the shadows of this once peaceful monastery? An all around perfect adventure for Halloween!

What This Module Includes:
– A standalone PDF for each supported system. Currently supported systems: 5e and Lucky 13.
– Two (2) digital maps. There are GM and player copies for each.
– Six (6) pregenerated character sheets.
     – 5e level 1 characters: barbarian, bard, druid, grave cleric, monk, and wizard.
     – Lucky 13 level 1 characters: bard, druid, martial artist, priest, warrior, and wizard.
– Acess to new live service Lucky 13 content, including: new classes (like martial artist), example attacks, special actions, race options, and NPCs

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