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Publisher: The Wanderer’s Tome

10-12 players / 3-4 hours

7 Female Characters / 5 Male Characters

Age: 13+

The year is 1912 and the esteemed Lord de L’Isle has invited vampires from across the world to his estate for a night of revelry and veneration in celebration of his 1000th birthday. Residents of the estate as well as invited vampires with their human familiars will be at this event. But when the Lord disappears right before this event, what will happen and who will step up as the new leader of the vampiric community and owner of the Lord’s estate?

This game does not focus on trying to solve a murder. Instead, it focuses on getting into character, roleplaying and trying to solve your own personal goals throughout the night. Perhaps your character wants to become the new leader, find a vampire to turn them or seek revenge on someone who’s wronged them. Everyone’s goals are different and there is no winner or loser – you are all getting into character and creating a story together.

This game, in particular, will surely be a hit with any fan of the TV series and film What We Do In The Shadows.

The game functions with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 12 guests (7 female characters and 5 male characters). Check out the master character list below for a full description of characters included.

Each purchase will include:

1. Instructions

This booklet includes Instructions on preparations required before hosting; timetable to guide the host run the game; casting; invitations and venue; printing; how to play this murder mystery online (we recommend using discord).

2. Character Booklets

These booklets include information on your character’s background; cast list; the character’s goals; important relationships; secrets and clues; tips for players.

3. Invitations

Invitation document that includes a formal invitation to be sent to players; cast list and descriptions.

4. The Player Guide

Tips for new players on how to play a murder mystery.

5. Cards

Cards booklet includes name badges for every character; item cards; ability cards; voting slips; handouts & announcements.

6. Quick Reference

A quick reference sheet for the host to refer to throughout the event.

7. The Garlic Press

A newspaper giving background to the world ‘In the Shadow of the Lord’ is set in.

8. Options for Full Colour and Low Ink Print version.

9. A guide on how to play the game online on Zoom or Discord.

Master Character List



Nellie Darling – Purveyor of fine taste • Female

General Reeves – The decorated war hero • Male

Miss Carmelita – The nightingale • Female

Sofia Constantine – The social outlier • Female

Ophelia Goode – The seer • Female

Sir Alfie de Poncey – The wayward son • Male

(The Others)

Nathalia – Lady of the house • Female

Desmond – The expert swordsman • Male

Brother Leyland – The devout worshipper • Male

Aggie – The eternal servant • Female



Mr Wilson – The hermit • Male

(The Others)

Dr Lara Taylor – The seeker of knowledge • Female

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