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Publisher: Other Stuff Games

Kumite is a collection of rules to help GMs and players run martial arts inspired action adventures. This game was inspired by movies like Karate Kid (1984), Big Trouble in Little China (1986) and Bloodsport (1988), as well as other martial arts RPGs and video games.

Although planned for use with ICRPG, the ideas and adventures here can be easily adapted to other games, including OSTR titles.

In this version Kumite you will find:

  • 20 martial arts techniques
  • Stats for thugs, warriors, elite warriors, enemy bosses, and mystics, all of them customizable with exclusive special abilities
  • 100 LOOT table for martial arts action
  • 3 adventure lay outs that form a continuous mini-campaign

As with all products in this series, this title is offered as PWYW and will receive constant support and update, with new ideas and adventure seeds being added regularly – buyers will be notified when a new version becomes available, so if you believe this product to be worth of your support, please return to this page and contribute in the future.