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Publisher: Fainting Goat Games

Improbable Villains brings you more antagonists in this compilation of the fan-favorite line that are both odd and sinister:

Improbable Villains includes:

  • Strike-Out – Enigmatic Sports-Themed Vigilante
  • Squamous Sid – Poor Schlub Who Made a Faustian Deal with Tentacled Evil
  • Permafrost – Frosty Foot-Soldier for a Meta-Human Supremacist Group
  • Nimbus- Talent Agent to the Underworld
  • Doctor Dendrite – Living Brain in a Robot Body who Dreams of World Conquest…
  • HypnoGog – Mad Scientist Who Stalks the Dreams of the Sleeping World
  • Blister Beetle – Insectoid Menace and Bored Trust Fund Kid
  • Kaalax the Indomitable – Frustrated World Conqueror turned Hired Muscle
  • Neferkasoka – Pharoah of Old Who Command the Burning Sands
  • Fringe – Intergalactic Gladiatrix 
  • Mister Vermillion – The Underworld’s Most Mysterious Assassin – is he even human?
  • Sentinel Zion – Kaiju killing Giant Robot Gone Rogue
  • Vestige – Time Travelling Cat Burglar
  • Mother Gaia – Powerful sorceress who is allied with nature but on self-destructive quest for revenge
  • Mudslide – Greedy geomorph thug out to make a name for himself in the super powered villain game
  • Murk – Juvenile delinquent who stumbled onto a old grimoire that granted her control of elemental darkness..for a price
  • Savage- Hero hunting mercenary with a high tech battlesuit
  • Syncrhros – Time-jumping thief with delusions of changing the prime timeline.

..and more

[ICONS] Improbable Villains CompilationPrice: $12.99