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Publisher: Mica Raymond

Ever find certain types of humanoid lacking or not having enough flavor?

Ever want to wage large-scale battles between armies of troops? 

Want a new villian or antagonist, key allies, and powerful but balanced magic items?

This might just be the monster pack for you, part of a new series of monster packs appearing, this monster pack features 18 new monsters and 6 new magical items, spread across 5 different factions. All playtested and balanced for CR, with additional advice on how to use the monsters as well as lore, and a supporting adventure coming soon featuring these new monsters and characters.

The pack includes the following:

### Militia

Militia Soldier (CR 1/2)

Militia Mage (CR 1/2)

Militia Crossbowmen (CR 1/2)

Militia Captain (CR 2)

Zombie Milita (CR 1/2)

### Mercenaries

Mercenary (CR 3)

Mercenaray Band Captain (CR 5)

### Soldiers

Soldier (CR 3)

Soldier Scout (CR 3)

Soldier Mage (CR 3)

Soldier General (CR 6)

### Royal

Royal Guard (CR 8)

Adventurer King (CR 10)

### Order of the False Divine

Order of the False Divine Paladin (CR 3)

Order of the False Divine Archer (CR 3)

Order of the False Divine Priest (CR 3)

Order of the False Divine Grand Priest (CR 6)

False God (CR 12)

### Items

Royal Blazing Blade

Royal Scorching Rod

Royal Red Cloak

Royal Ruby Crown

Royal Blood Chalice

Crown of the False God

Includes a pdf, additional separate stat blocks for ease of use, items pdfs for ease of use, and a free map.

Humanoid Monster Pack (OGL 5e)Price: $4.99