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Publisher: Minotaur Games

Hopefinder is a Modern Zombie Apocalypse Survival Hack of Pathfinder Second Edition

The world came to an end in October, 2022, when a parasitic plague caused the dead to rise up and consume the living. Within weeks the Z Plague spread to every corner of the globe and within six months the undead outnumbered the living. The year is 2032 and humanity is hanging on by a thread. You are the NARRATOR of this tale, working with the survivors to create a compelling a memorable story.

Hopefinder is a hack of Pathfinder Second Edition.

This game requires the rules of Pathfinder Second Edition and an understanding of that game to play. Hopefinder is designed for short campaigns, telling uplifting stories set against the backdrop of a grim zombie apocalypse. This game uses milestone leveling and gives narrative control to the players through Flashbacks that allow them to explore their past and unlock abilities to help them survive in the future. Hopefinder uses a classless leveling system, allowing you to make a wide variety of survivors!

This packet includes the Hopefinder Narrator’s Guide, a 52 page booklet (5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″) that contains all of the rules needed to create your own campaign set in the ruined world of Hopefinder. It includes story suggestions, narrator advice, a gazetteer of Seattle, over 30 creature stat blocks, and a sample adventure! This packet also includes the Hopefinder Maps zip file containing a larger version of the map of Seattle and an untagged version of the Fire Station map from the sample adventure.

Narrator’s should be familiar with the Hopefinder Survivor’s Guide which contains all the rules for making a survivor and playing the game.

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