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Publisher: Basic Action Games

These NPC & Monster sheets are for use with the Honor + Intrigue Swashbuckling RPGallowing GMs to quickly design an array of NPCs and monsters for their swashbuckling fantasy or historical adventures.

The following sheets are in this product:

Major NPC Sheet (for NPC Heroes or Villains) with room for 2 major NPCs along with their long-term and short-term plans
Retainers Sheet with room for 4 Retainer-level NPCs
Pawns Sheet with room for 6 Pawn-level NPCs
Monster Sheet with room for 4 Monsters or Animals

Fill In, Print Out, & Cut Up: These sheets are designed to allow you to fit multiple NPCs or monsters on a single sheet of each form-fillable PDF. Once you fill it in, save the file under a new name to keep a copy for later. Print it out and cut along the dotted lines to turn your NPC sheets into NPC cards for easy reference at the game table.

Pair with Adventure Sheets: These products are ideal to combine with the corresponding form-fillable Adventure Sheets, allowing you to run your entire game session with ease! The samples file includes a sample Adventure Sheet “Raid on Rushing River” and the sample sheets correspond to that adventure, so you also get a sample scenario to run, too.

These sheets were made possible by the backers of the Tome of Intriguing Options Kickstarter (which ended 8/1/2023). The entire Intriguing Options collection and the rules from The Duelist’s Guide are combined for Print-on-Demand (through DriveThruRPG) in a single book, with added material. More vehicles, more weapons, more magic items, more gadgets, more dueling styles, more monsters, etc.

More Support for the Honor + Intrigue Line

If you like our game and want to discuss it or play with folks online, come down to the Basic Action Games Discord server.

While everything you need to play Honor + Intrigue is in this book, there is also a line of support products you can use with your campaign including:


Intriguing Options 1: Rules + Story gives lots of new optional and alternate rules to use with your campaign, as well as story ideas to insert into your campaign.

Intriguing Options 2: Blasters + Intrigue focuses on taking your campaign to the stars. This volume is a primer on running a swashbuckling Blasters + Intrigue campaign set in a space opera or other sci-fi setting.

Intriguing Options 3: Nonhuman Characters focuses on expanding your available cast of characters for sci-fi and fantasy swashbuckling. It includes guidelines and tools to help you build your own fantasy and science fiction folk as well as over 50 sample PC ancestries.

Intriguing Options 4: Spells + Spellcasters introduces an alternate high-fantasy magic system which brings wizards, paladins, druids, psionicists, and other spellcasters to your campaign. Includes 140+ spells, 80 magic items, and 11 “Swordcaster” dueling styles.

The Duelist’s Guide is the expansion that focuses on dueling with new Maneuvers, guidelines for making your own, all 19 previously published dueling styles plus 17 new ones, guidelines for making your own dueling styles, lasting injury rules, and an adventure.

Dueling Maneuver Cards is a print and play aid for players that want to have every dueling maneuver at their fingertips. Includes all repartee and maneuvers published in the Duelist’s Guide and Gambits from Intriguing Options 1.

GM Screen Inserts 11 landscape pages for use with a pocketed GM screen. Available in color or black and white. 

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