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Publisher: Protagonist Industries

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Home by Dark
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A small band of kids and a friendly little robot with a dangerous secret. A girl hears a young boy’s voice on the radio asking for help and convinces her teacher to assist in tracking him down. The players of the school soccer team find an oversized egg during practice and hide it behind the bleachers, where it starts to hatch.
Home by Dark is a story game inspired by films and series like E.T., The Goonies, and Stranger Things. You and your friends play as hopeful misfits whose lives are changed when they cross the path of a new ally with extraordinary abilities. As these characters protect their unusual friend and investigate mysterious pursuers, they will make discoveries about themselves and the strange events happening in their neighborhood. It’s a shared adventure that will hav…

Misfit Tales
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Hey, Home by Dark fans! Get your pals together, nuke some microwave popcorn, and find your favorite spot on the couch! It’s time for a movie marathon!
Misfit Tales is a compilation of twelve previously released playsets and a bonus time-twisting tale written just for this book—classic eighties-inspired adventures, fantasy myths, campfire yarns, and more. Each playset establishes a new Secret, Pursuer, and Danger along with a detailed setting for you and your friends to explore!
Requires Home by Dark to play….

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