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Publisher: Monster Mind

Hiria: the Eternal City

Welcome to Hiria, the eternal city. Hiria exists on all worlds of the multiverse, but never quite the same. You might barely notice the changes when traveling to another version of Hiria, while in other cases the city might have changed beyond recognition. 

You tracked your quarry here, but they escaped to one of Hiria’s other manifestations. Will you follow them? Will you be able to find them? Or will they be lost to you forever?

Hiria: the Eternal City is a solo journaling game in which you play a character trying to track someone down through different versions of the same city. As the turns pass, based on your dice rolls, the city changes, and things happen around you. As the landscape of the chase shifts, the traces your quarry leaves behind determine how your character tracks down and, just maybe, catches up to them.

Included is:

A pdf of Hiria: the Eternal City (28 page digital zine)
The Turn Tracker sheet (A4 printout)

Made by

Writing & layout – Peter Eijk
Editing  – Marx Shepherd
Cover art – Jean Verne
Internal art – bertdrawsstuff, 
Jean Verne, molomoot, Phil Jensen
Playtesting – Albi,  David Anderson,  FlyinCaveman,  David Garrett,  Tim Obermueller

Special Thanks – the Good Sleep Collective, The Lost Bay discord, Phil Jensen

Hiria: the Eternal City was made with the help of the Classic Explorer Template by Explorers Design which is under CC BY 4.0.

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