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Publisher: Trash Mob Minis

Need some brave adventurers to clear out all those monster-minis you’ve been making? Then Hereos: Pack 9 is for you!

Heroes: Pack 9 is a set of six characters designed to represent player characters or NPCs for your tabletop games. This pack contains a diverse selection of fantasy characters, ready to explore dark dungeons and slay monsters!

Heroes: Pack 9 three class options for each ancestry AND a black and white option, for added versatility

The heroes included in this set are:

-Female earthkin with bard, druid & barbarian options

-Male gnome with rogue, ranger & barbarian options

-Male goliath with monk, barbarian & bard options

-Female half-elf with cleric, paladin & druid options

-Male kobold with wizard, druid & artificer options

-Female battle-forged with monk, wizard & rogue options

EarthkingnomesGoliathHalf elveskoboldsBattle forged

Heroes: Pack 9Price: $3.45