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Publisher: Earl of Fife Games

A Hunger Must be Sated

Will you survive at the cost of your sanity?

Nerwig Whal stands upon a tall bluff, wind buffeting and blowing his cherry red hair. He clears it from his eyes. To the west, a long line of wagons winds its way towards him. It ascends further and further into the hills and will eventually come to a stop at the appointed place: A site ordained to produce fortune – or so he thinks. “These miners have few options for supplies,” he said. “It takes a bold man to claim a stronghold in these harsh hills … but we will do it. And we will be the sole supplier in these here hills. And we will laugh all the way to the bank!” Fat of the Lamb can be used in conjunction with other modules, with a different campaign, or as a one-shot adventure. Inside Fat of the Lamb you will find:

An adventure suitable for characters Power Level 1;
A dark fantasy adventure of survival and difficult choices;
An fantasy adventure compatible with Heroes & Hardships;
And Mental horrors the PCs must endure and overcome!

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