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Publisher: Micro RPG

In the Deepest Reaches of Space, You Are Completely Alone!

In Hell Hell Among the Stars, you play as a recruit of the CRCC, or Critical Cleanup Corp, of the Galactic Gay Realms. It seems like a simple and straightforward job, one that pays well and has great benefits. However, not everything is as it seems. The CRCC actually is a “for hire” cover up group that has no actual ties with the Council of the Galactic Gay Realms. Nefarious corporations and politicians not wanting to get caught by the Council use the CRCC to cover up illegal activities, assassinate unwanted parties, or worst of all, clean up after dangerous accidents that could threaten the civilian population of the realms. 


The truth of the matter is that those hired by the CRCC are being taken advantage of. They are hired to be expendable. They are sent on sucide missions that are sure to kill them, and to make it so the CRCC doesn’t have to answer as many questions . . . and so they NEVER have to hand out paychecks or benefits. It is your job to infiltrate this group, go on a mission, survive, and return back to testify against them in front of the Council of the Galactic Gay Realms.


THIS IS A HORROR SURVIVAL GAME! It thus contains instances of intense, graphic, and frightening imagery described in various text-based encounters.

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