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Publisher: Thunderegg Productions

In Hands & Heart you are an ASTRAL PALADIN, an altruistic wanderer who takes to the cosmos in search of ways to help others. Devoted to your cause, you pledge to uphold LOVE above all other things. Honing the intense powers of HEART and HANDS, you perform unbelievable feats in service of the less-fortunate.

Based on the ruleset originally developed by John Harper in Lasers & Feelings, and with inspiration and input from the always-awesome Skavenloft, Hands and Heart is an ultra-simple RPG that takes only a few seconds to learn how to play. You can have an entire party of characters ready to hit the table in the time in just minutes.

What sets Hands & Heart apart is the approach to problem solving. Nothing’s stopping you from fighting your way out of danger with your astral staff and the powers of the KOSMOS field, but HnH really shines by focusing on non-violent, creative ways to accomplish your goals. Combined with a Virtue system, it encourages each PC to work to live up to the ideals that they embody.

Check out the image on this page to find the basic rules of the game. Several pages of optional rules greatly expand your options and provide tons of generator prompts to help you create stories on the fly.

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