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Publisher: Ede Sol Games

Welcome to the Han Cluster Sci-Fi RPG!

The Han Cluster is an optimistic sci-fi RPG setting created for the Savage Worlds role-playing system. In it, you play humans and “Ghosted Machines” (Sapient AI machines) in a world that challenges the notion of what it means to be human. A strange discovery called the Nex has re-written the rules of human interaction and connection, but unlocking it has also awakened a hidden enemy that threatens to extinguish all intelligent life. 

Sci-Fi Filled with Hope

The Han Cluster brings a level of human connection and hope to the sci-fi tabletop RPG space. Though there are still plenty of challenges to overcome and conflict to face, the setting emphasizes an underlying belief in our connection with each other, and an optimistic outlook on our future, despite our only too human shortcomings. It includes adventures that challenge the heroes, but also introduces characters, ideals, and mysteries that show them a world that’s worth fighting for.

Redefining play at the Table

The Han Cluster encourages a different kind of RPG play by introducing the concept of X-Bonding, where the heroes are able to telepathically communicate with each other wherever they happen to be, regardless of intervening obstacles or distance. This allows “table-talk” to become not only encouraged, but a narrative device within the game itself. Even more remarkably, they are able to send their semi-corporeal X-ghosts (apparitions they can separate from their physical body) directly to those they are X-bonded with (no matter their distance apart), allowing them to be in the scene with their friends within seconds. And since they are semi-corporeal, they are even able to participate in what’s going on and help in conflicts with special Nex based weapons!

This changes the way players can play through and solve adventures, in addition to offering new possibilities for unique adventure design for GMs. This jumpstart was made to give you an example of the amazing possibilities!

This is Only the Beginning

The Han Cluster Jumpstart includes an abbreviated intro to the setting, essential setting rules, and an exciting introductory adventure called “Reuinification.” It not only offers the heroes a chance save untold thousands of people, it guides both the GM and the players through some of the most iconic aspects of the Han Cluster, including a few of its major locations, and the innovative “transhuman” abilities of X-Bonding, Ghost Traveling, draxel communication and more.

Inside you’ll find:

A fully layered and bookmarked PDF with color art for flexible printing options and ease of access.
An introduction and brief history of the Han Cluster.
An abbreviated set of Setitng Rules specifically tailored to the Jumpstart.
“Reunification” – a comprehensive and full-fledged one to two session adventure in which you deal with a cluster-wide threat only YOU are in the position to handle.
Six fully-realized archetypes, specially tweaked to fit within the “Reunification” adventure.
Optional links to free onlline resources to take a deeper dive into the Han Cluster’s unique history and discoveries.

This Jumpstart requires the Savage Worlds core rules (Adventure Edition) in order to play.

The full Han Cluster Setting is coming to Kickstarter in 2024!

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