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Publisher: KidneyBoy

Modern Grocery Store

A grocery store may seem mundane, but they can quickly turn into scenes of high action when life takes a turn.

There are two main versions of the store:

Modern mid-sized store with three checkout counters, a prepared food area, a full bakery/kitchen with a café.
And a Vintage (1920s/30s) urban warehouse-style grocery with wide-open street frontage.

Each of these two versions comes in a number of variations. In the Trouble variations something has gone seriously wrong, or is currently going wrong. The Abandoned grocery store variations may contain enough food to keep desperate survivors going for another day. Or, maybe the place is haunted by the spirit of that butcher who went berserk and killed his co-workers?


This pack includes 8 variations of the map (32 total map images).

Modern Original
Vintage (1920s/30s) Original
Modern Abandoned
Vintage Abandoned
Modern Trouble
Vintage Trouble
Modern Grand Opening
Vintage Grand Opening

Every variation comes with gridded/ungridded and night/day (or open/closed) versions.


Modern: 28 by 20 squares (5320 × 2800 px)

Vintage: 18 by 20 squares (2520 x 2800 px)

Designed for use with VTTs

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