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Publisher: Digital Maps for interesting people.

Hey folks, got this real golden pyramid for sale.
I reckoned you’d want to buy it on account of being the sort of interesting people who’d own a golden pyramid. Well, it isn’t actually a pyramid just the battlemaps for one.

In this pack are maps for the pyramid’s interior, and the exterior during day and night.

You’re probably wondering, “What am I going to do with a pyramid?”
Well, what can’t you do? Start a commune! Summon an ancient god!!
Store your holiday decorations in the off seasons!!!
I put angry snake people in my pyramid, and so can you!

INCLUDES: Two 48×36 grided battlemaps, and one 36×24 grided battlemap.

x1 Golden Pyramid Exterior (Day)
x1 Golden Pyramid Exterior (Night)
x1 Golden Pyramid Interior

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