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Publisher: Rookie Jet

Gimmick Zero is a rules-light tabletop RPG focused on people who have become living weapons in order to take down colossal machines gone rogue in order to save what remains of their society. Catered to both rookies and veterans of tabletop RPGS, Gimmick Zero presents a flexible system and framework to run sessions, campaigns, and one-shots in a variety of different settings with mechanics inspired by media such as Bubblegum Crisis, Katana Zero, Megaman Zero and more. Gimmick Zero also comes with a bevy of information that will be more than helpful in aiding both the GM and the Players in understanding the inner workings of the game system. People familiar with our previous games like Over Arms or Red Giant will be able to easily adapt to this system.

The landscape of this world differs with every playthrough, dependent on how you roll the dice and the tables throughout this book. What we can tell you is that every world has several constants: Gimmicks, People, Cities, and Aberrations. Each world contained in the Gimmick Zero multiverse has been permanently affected in one way or another by what is called the “Zero Event” which always releases large and horrible beings that we call “Aberrations” into the world. While not much is known about Aberrations, we do know how powerful and destructive they are. That is why in every universe people have fought back and created “GC’s” or “Gimmick Companies”. These Companies specialize in the creation of “Gimmicks,” massive and specialized war machines with the singular goal of destroying Aberrations. 

While the Gimmicks have proven to be successful in keeping Aberrations away from the Cities, from time to time they malfunction or go rogue due to the overwhelming powers unleashed by the Aberrations. Because of this, a variety of businesses ranging from corporations to rogue militias have employed the use of people known as “Weapons” to take down and destroy these malfunctioning Gimmicks. Weapons are equipped with Nano Armor technology, a suit that covers their body and is capable of unleashing a variety of specific abilities in its wearer dependent on the armor itself. Nano Armor is very expensive and is usually restricted to the people employed by various Companies and groups, although from time to time you do come across contractors or individuals who own their suits and employ others as their own Weapon.

Weapons are sent off to successfully contain or destroy the malfunctioning Gimmick while avoiding Aberrations entirely, as even Weapons are not usually fit to handle their threat. Some employers will request you bring back parts of or simply nullify the Gimmick and some missions will involve traveling through or even outside the Cities, encountering many enemies and obstacles along the way.

The rest is up to you.



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