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Publisher: Old School Role Playing

This is an adventure for Cepheus Engine.

Recently a merchant freighter encountered an uncharted planet on the edge of the Sonora sector. This, in itself, is not that unusual. What is unusual is that this planet is in the shipping lanes and has never been reported previously. It also does not appear to be a rogue planet as it has been reported previously decades ago but has not been seen again until now. Is it possible that this planet has such a wide orbit that it appears only at such wide intervals? Is there some other reason why the world has not been reported in such a long time? Does anyone live there?

These are answers that Scientist Haruto Wood wants answered. He is a scientist from the Sonoran university who has a serious interest in spatial anomalies. He offers CR 200,000 for the travelers to find this world, visit it, and to seek the answers to these questions.

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