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Publisher: EDGE Studio

The Ultimate Adversary Resource for Genesys RPG Gamemasters!

Attention GMs! It’s time to stop rummaging through rulebooks and monster manuals, searching for that perfect stat block of the next adversary in combat! A GM’s life is arduous enough!
Instead, this supplement only requires the GM to have an idea – a core concept – one that they can evocatively narrate and bring to life during combat proper.

This supplement presents a radical new method for Genesys RPG gamemasters to quickly prepare and run adversaries during Genesys combat encounters, while focusing on narrative freedom and flow of battle. The GM is no longer constrained to specific values and abilities of a small stat block, but instead can imagine any action possible and immediately determine its results. The system of Adversary Actions that is presented in this supplement gives the GM the freedom and flexibility to be tactical, reactive and engaging in any combat situation.

Foes on the Fly aims to achieve two main goals:

Save gamemasters a significant amount of time by allowing them to generate interesting, consistent and balanced adversaries literally on-the-fly.
Allow the GMs to imagine any kind of action an adversary could take during battle, and let them immediately determine that action’s results.

Compatible with all Genres and Settings!

This supplement is complemented by the brand-new Narrative Adversary Sheet — a single sheet for GMs to quickly generate and run any adversary during combat. This sheet has 3 sizes to accommodate for GM preferences, including a fully auto-calculating version to automatically generate Narrative Adversaries on a computer! Only Adobe Acrobat Reader (free software) is required!

Foes on the Fly Narrative Adversary Philosophy

Besides having a vision for the adversary before combat begins, the GM should approach each combat turn with a story in mind. The descriptions of the five Adversary Actions (Attack, Guard, Hinder, Heal and Summon) are broad enough to mechanically represent any task an adversary would want to accomplish during combat, using whatever faculties they could narratively and plausibly have. The same action can be used to represent a multitude of different activities, and along with the Boost/Setback Dice Pool and the Proficiency Dice Pool, the GM can narrate any unique ability, powerful gear or special training the adversary might have.

Turn Every Combat Encounter Into a Unique, Thrilling and Engaging Story!

It is highly recommended to laminate the printed Adversary Sheets and fill them out with an erasable pen. That is so they can be wiped clean and re-used with each new combat encounter. Refer to Appendix C of the Foes on the Fly supplement for additional details on printing and preparing the different versions of the Narrative Adversary Sheet.

Important tips for using the auto-calculating sheet:

You must use Adobe Acrobat Reader (or Pro) software as some of the automatic calculations will not work on other PDF readers.
In Adobe Acrobat Reader, go to Edit -> Preferences and locate the Forms category. Uncheck the “Show border hover color for fields” checkbox and click OK. This will remove the blue color from all the form fields and make it much easier to use this sheet.

When typing text in free-text fields, click CTRL+E (or CMD+E on mac) to open the Font Style toolbar (also called Form Field Text Properties toolbar). This will allow you to change the font family, size and color for your entered text. This is especially helpful for typing in dice symbols, although each Mini Adversary Sheet has a string of dice so you can copy and paste from that in ease.

Save often and save backups.


As always, any feedback is appreciated.
Roy Altman. Addicted to Roleplaying Games. 

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