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Publisher: Grim Press

Sequel to the best-selling non-player character sourcebook!

Friend or Foe Folio 2 (5e) gives Game Masters another 100 named non-player characters, each with beautiful art, lore, personality traits, and a 5e statblock. These NPCs can easily be dropped into any D&D5e game with minimal preparation, as their motivations are clearly detailed. In addition, each NPC has unique quest hooks – quickly expand your ongoing campaign with new adventures for your players!

Friend or Foe Folio 2 contains the following:

NAMED NON-PLAYER CHARACTERS – Introduce your players to 100 new NPCs, each with unique art, lore, and game stats.
QUEST HOOKS – 200 quest hooks have been included!
ART – Enjoy a fully-illustrated book with over 100 pieces of amazing greyscale art by Tomasz Chistowski.
HYPERLINKED PDF – Each of the NPCs is broken down by Challenge Rating, with hyperlinks so you can quickly navigate the book.
120+ PAGES – There is no shortage of content here! These NPCs are sure to be a mainstay in your D&D adventures.

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