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Publisher: Dev9k

Fragments of the Past is a tabletop, rules-light roleplaying game about the great tragedies, deeds, and ambitions of larger-than-life characters, dwelling in a Bronze-Age world of sacred places and untamed wilderness.
Imagine the hypnotic hum of cicadas in the fragrant air, the clash of shields, the intense glare of the Sun, the taste of soft lips wet by crimson wine, and the dark smoke over the sacrificial pyres. Pray and live according to the ancient customs of long-forgotten civilizations, if you dare.


A vast, deep setting inspired by Bronze-Age archaeology and ancient Mediterranean civilizations, infused with a sense of wonder and nostalgia for the fierce beauty of the archaic past.
Evocative and immersive illustrations.
Simple rules at the service of good storytelling: a two-page cheat sheet with all the rules to run your game. All you need is a d10 and a d100.
A one-shot adventure, “The Destiny of the City of Moray Eels“, to begin your story in the continent of Askedoria.


An absolutely fantastic read for anyone who appreciates the classics, and has an interest in speculative fiction or history. The detail and quality of the writing is phenomenal. You truly feel as though you are reading an undiscovered Homeric epic. The artwork is fantastic and feels like it could be depicting a yet undiscovered bronze age civilisation. I 100% recommend downloading the tabletop RPG guide as well.
Aaron Rolfe – ArtStation

“A beautiful book full of inspiring images – perfect for Game Masters, RPG players, artists and anyone who wants to delve into an imaginary world that may have been real in another time, another place.”
Jeremy Blum – ArtStation

“Stunning artwork and story fragments immerse you into this incredible and detailed world, leaving you wonder all the possibilities of the things left untold. It’s truly a great piece and I can’t wait for it to be expanded upon. In the meantime I’ll let my imagination wild, shifting through the drawings and poems. Highly recommended to anyone that likes both fantasy and mythological settings!”
Andrea – ArtStation

“Amazing art, amazing narrative and interesting characters. Overall a great buy and a project you MUST follow if you’re interested in TTRPGs!”
Lenny – ArtStation

“The Fragments of the Past est une œuvre exceptionnelle. Elle nous amène à la découverte littéraire et iconographique d’un passé si réel qu’on se prend à imaginer qu’il a réellement existé. C’est que l’auteur utilise tous les codes des “beaux livres”, et use d’une finesse, d’une intelligence, d’une précision et d’une beauté qui nous renvoient à nos propres références littéraires et iconographiques sur la Grèce antique, l’Égypte antique, et mille autres civilisations encore. Ce voyage en Askedoria est troublant, merveilleux, et à la fin le doute s’installe : comment peut-on imaginer qu’Askedoria n’ait pas réellement existé ? De tout cœur, merci pour ce voyage enchanteur, Maestro.”
Jean-Philippe Mouton-Mazerand – ArtStation

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