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Publisher: Spectrum Games

The dawn of superhero comics was a very different time than the one we now live in. The Great Depression was still making lives hell, crime rates were at an all-time high and the world was careening headlong toward a war the likes of which had not seen before. We, as a society, sought escapism to ease the tensions and suffering.

For many, radio programs, motion pictures, sports and novels provided exactly that. But there was one relatively new form of escapism that catered primarily to the youth of that era and that filtered all the fears and woes of the populace into optimistic, action-filled stories of good versus evil. These tales featured men and women clad in tight, colorful costumes duking it out in dramatic (and often silly) fashion with nothing short of freedom on the line!

This new form of escapism was, of course, the superhero comicbook.

Four-Color Heroics is a short but nuanced game system designed to perfectly capture the over-the-top action portrayed in the superhero comics of the era. With this book, a handful of dice, something to use as tokens and your imagination, there’s no limit to the amount of fun you’ll have playing out stories of crimebusting and Nazi smashing!  

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