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Publisher: Silver Games LLC

Ponyfinder is battle ready for FoundryVTT with a new module, featuring content from the Ponyfinder: Second Edition Conversion Guide. This module comes complete with a myriad of content to help in aiding your adventures deep into the heart of Everglow and beyond.

This module includes the Ponyfinder ancestries, feats, and heritages for all of the core ancestries of Everglow.
-Phoenix Wolves
-Sun Cats
Along with these, the module features a fully-stocked set of features and effects that apply various things from bonuses to fly speeds automatically, streamlining the process of creating as many unique characters you can imagine! Dungeon Masters will also find the inclusion of core bestiary monsters included as well, easily draggable from the available compendiums, right into Foundry’s interface.

Gather up your party, don your armor, and set out ye Seekers!

**This module is developed solely for the official Pathfinder 2e system for FoundryVTT ( Without this system, this module will not function**

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