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Publisher: Gabriel Pickard

This is the Foundry-Ready version of the classic Village to Pillage: Hamlets and Outskirts set. This set includes twelve 2800x2800px modular maps of outlying areas, all set up for use as a Foundry module with dynamic lighting walls, windows, and trees and shrubs, door and lighting tiles, and levels and dynamic roof versions that can be used with additional modules (see included readme). The basic, non-dynamic-roof versions also include unfurnished versions for further customization with my other Vile Tile sets. Also included are some extra accessory tiles (gates, furniture, bushes) and connecting empty field maps. These can be found in the tiles and maps directories of the module.

Set includes:


Farm huts





Old farm shacks (2 levels)

Old mill (2 levels)

Crossroad farm (good place to learn to play the violin!)

Rocky farms

Windmill (3 levels)


Wooded farms

Download is a ZIP file containing a Foundry VTT module with maps and lighting in compendiums. Instructions for installation are in the included README file. Also included are raw map and tile images in JPG format for solid images or PNG format for those with clear or translucent backgrounds.

All assets are for personal non-commercial use only. Resale in whole or part regardless of modification is forbidden. Happy gaming!

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