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Publisher: The Hawk Wolf Network

Within these pages lie the keys to open worlds of wonder and adventure! Whether you are exploring dank dungeons, forging mighty kingdoms, or questing to save the world, For Gold & Glory contains all that you need to run a complete game. Inside these covers, you will find rules to:

  • Create heroic characters and guide them as they advance in power.
  • Equip characters with everything they need to survive the perils of adventure.
  • Guide characters through encounters, whether through wits and skill or strength of arms.
  • Reward characters with glittering wealth and wondrous treasures.
  • Challenge all characters, from novices to veterans, with over 140 creatures both fair and foul.

For players and game masters alike, For Gold & Glory is compatible with the second edition of the “advanced” version of the world’s most popular role-playing game.

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