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Publisher: Ill Gotten Games

These double-sided, support free tiles print easily on the Z-axis, keeping a higher level of detail on your floor textures, and can be slapped down and reassembled quickly for room-based encounters. Quickly print enough tiles to build any room, and pack them away just as easily. For extra stability (and a good matte black surface), we recommend laying them down on neoprene. The back of a mousepad or wargaming mat works perfectly for this!

The set includes the following-

  • Double-sided floor tiles split into 9, 6, 4, 3, and 1 1″/25mm grid tiles.
  • Doorways for both textures
  • 6 different door tabs (3 for each theme)
  • Pillars for both themes
  • Console terminal for the tech theme
  • stairs for both themes
  • Ladders (going up, down, and both) for the tech theme

The grid cells are in the standard 1″/25mm format, but if you want larger cells, simply scale at the Y and Z axis before printing. (Scale X and Y to 90mm for 30mm tiles.) 

FlipDungeon: Stonework and TechPrice: $5.00