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Publisher: Fighting Fantasy Collector

I hope this guide provides the reader with valuable information regarding all known  Fighting Fantasy books, collectables and related merchandise. Although the gen can still be found. It covers everything from 1982 through to the present day. It reflects 20+ of collecting and research on my part with support from fellow collectors, (although I do not own everything yet). Valuations have been carefully researched and the guide prices are estimates derived from monitoring various on-line auctions and many other sources. They are based on the book or collectable being in mint or very good condition and complete. Items will invariably change hands for less if the quality is impaired. However, that said, prices will be paid (and have been) lower or higher than indicated. This will depend on the demand, rarity and at the end of the day how much you are willing to pay to get that item. Books and collectables that are signed or with provenance are not covered in this version but will no doubt be more valuable and sometimes regardless of it being in very good condition. Should you be fortunate enough to know of books or collectables not mentioned in this guide including pictures do not hesitate in contacting me.

Fighting Fantasy Collector Checklist and Price Guide 2020Price: $4.09