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Publisher: Inferential Studios

FEEF Mission Statement – Increase the security and prosperity of the realm by providing:

• A network that connects adventurers with rewarding freelance employment opportunities.

• A secure method of hiring said adventurers for those that need things done.

• Membership benefits to those adventurers who wish to join the organization.

“This is a fabulous little supplement filled with everything you need to bring this fantastic faction to life and make it a part of your world!” – Curse Of Sebs

Depending on how much you integrate this in-world organization into your game, there are a lot of tools for both sides of the screen!

Includes requirements for, roles of, and benefits of 4 membership ranks for players who wish to join: Tyro, Stranger, Established Magnate, Enterprising Magnate.
(There’s also an Arch Magnate who has absolute power over the guild, buuuut that’s for the GM to play with.) 

FEEF is also a backdrop for a new line of quick quests called Expeditious Excursions!
Check out the first of these below!


*Buying the excursions is not required to use FEEF in your game. 

FEEF - Federation of Expeditious Excursion FacilitationPrice: $2.99