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Publisher: EDGE Studio

Fantastic Factions: Organizations in Mennara uses the new rules subsystem introduced in Keith Ryan Kappel’s Factions 1: A Faction Talent Supplement and these rules are referenced with his kind permission (though this does not mean it is officially endorsed).

This supplement covers 10 types of factions within Mennara, all with different ranks and abilities (50 new Talents!).

These organizations range from armies and assassin brotherhoods to clergy, knightly orders, and sword poets. It also describes 10 other specific factions GMs can further develop using the rules in Factions 1.

Developed by veteran GM Chris Markham (as Gazrok Games), this is one of over two dozen titles already released for the Foundry. Though this adventure is set in the world of Mennara, it can be converted for use in your own fantasy campaign. The Genesys Core Rulebook, Realms of Terrinoth sourcebook, and either Genesys Dice or the Genesys Dice App are required to use this product. It is highly recommended GMs have the Factions 1: A Faction Talent Supplement to develop their own factions and fully define them within their campaign.

Fantastic FactionsPrice: $2.50