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Publisher: Lightspress Media

In the heart of the ancient Hanbonear Grove, where the moonlight wove delicate patterns through the leaves of towering oaks, lived a solitary faerie named Stardust. Her aethereal wings shimmered like the iridescent petals of a midnight flower, and her laughter echoed through the glen like a tinkling stream. Beneath her dainty feet, the forest floor was carpeted with petals that never withered, a testament to her boundless magic. Whispers of her existence spread amongst the creatures of the woods, tales of a guardian spirit who possessed the power to mend broken hearts and awaken the dormant dreams of mortals. Yet, Stardust’s longing remained veiled in secrecy, hidden from the creatures she watched over with a kind and knowing gaze.

Faerie bring an air of unpredictability and intrigue to any storyline. Their penchant for tricks and illusions can lead to unexpected plot twists and mysteries, keeping players engrossed in uncovering the truth behind their enigmatic actions. These creatures, with their deep ties to the mystical and the unknown, infuse the fantasy roleplaying experience with a sense of wonder, inviting players to embark on a journey of magic, discovery, and self-discovery.

Drawing from various cultural mythologies, a faerie embodies a magical and mystical being associated with nature and the supernatural. These creatures are depicted as small, aethereal entities, possessing an otherworldly charm and an intricate connection to the environment around them. Their appearance can range from elegant and alluring to mischievous and mysterious, with delicate wings that enable them to flit between the realms of the mundane and the magical.

These creatures can serve as both catalysts and companions, shaping the narrative in fascinating ways. They can be the spark that ignites adventures, offering quests that require the players to navigate through enchanted forests, overcome mystical challenges, and solve riddles to earn their aid. The faerie’s capricious nature introduces an element of unpredictability, keeping players engaged and curious about the unfolding story.

The settings in which these creatures reside reflect their aethereal nature. Enchanted groves, hidden glens, and mystical realms that mirror and intersect with the mortal world create a backdrop for magical encounters, unexpected discoveries, and secrets waiting to be unveiled. These settings can become central to a campaign, providing a canvas for exploration, growth, and transformation as characters traverse these enchanted landscapes.

Faerie can become valuable allies or intriguing companions for player characters. Their inherent magical abilities, coupled with their unique perspectives on the world, make them assets in battles and enigmatic guides in navigating the complexities of the fantasy realm. Through shared experiences and quests, players can forge meaningful connections with these creatures, adding emotional depth and resonance to their journeys.

The magic that faerie wield can shape the very fabric of the roleplaying experience. They might bestow blessings upon characters, gifting them with special abilities or insights. Conversely, curses from faerie can present challenges that test the characters’ resilience and ingenuity. These magical interactions can lead to character growth and development, as well as provide opportunities for players to explore the consequences of their actions.

Incorporating faerie into a fantasy setting also opens the door to moral dilemmas and cultural diversity. Their unique codes of conduct and values can differ significantly from those of humans, offering players the chance to grapple with unfamiliar perspectives and make decisions that challenge their beliefs. The intricate tapestry of faerie society and its interactions with the larger world can introduce layers of complexity and richness to the campaign’s narrative.

This Book Includes

Faerie: The fundamentals of faerie, including their stages of maturity, general behavior, ecology, and common abilities.
Variants: Alternate faerie adapted to a range of backgrounds, natural environments, and common power sets.
Worldbuilding: Incorporating faerie into your setting in a meaningful way, including genre, theme, and history.
Adventures and Plot Hooks: The elements needed to prepare an adventure featuring faerie and sample hooks.

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The Toolkit Approach

Roleplaying is a collaborative and imaginative endeavor, where the power lies in adding your unique ideas to the mix. Our approach is that of a toolkit rather than an intricately detailed sourcebook, granting you the space to unleash your imagination. We firmly believe that a manual should never confine or restrict you. Our objective is to provide you with the necessary tools to begin your adventure and then step back, empowering you to craft the roleplaying experience your group desires.

Content Warnings

When planning a roleplaying experience, it’s crucial to consider the comfort levels and boundaries of everyone involved. We recognize the importance of providing content warnings for potentially distressing material. Here is a comprehensive list of content warnings that may arise while using this toolkit:

Ambition’s Price: Faerie may tempt characters with promises of power, offering enhanced abilities in exchange for moral compromises, resulting in intricate dilemmas of ambition versus integrity.
Binding Contracts: Faerie may impose unbreakable contracts upon characters, exploring the consequences of dealing with powerful beings and the moral quandaries of contractual obligations.
Dream Manipulation: Faerie may craft an ever-changing labyrinth of dreams, compelling characters to confront the malleable nature of their perceptions.
Ecological Disruption: Characters may confront the fallout of disrupting the balance of a faerie-controlled natural realm, facing the dire consequences of ecological interference.
Emotional Exploitation: The faerie’s consumption of emotions may lead to characters’ feelings being manipulated and exploited, driving them to confront the ethics of emotional exchange.
Illusory Reality: Characters may venture into a faerie realm where the boundary between reality and illusion is thin, leaving them to decipher what is genuine and what is conjured by faerie magic.
Intricate Politics: Set within the Seelie Court, characters may navigate treacherous faerie politics laden with themes of loyalty, betrayal, and the complexities of hierarchy in the faerie realm.
Mental Manipulation: Characters may find themselves ensnared in faerie illusions, their perceptions twisted and reality distorted by the faerie’s tricks.
Predatory Hunt: In a world ruled by faerie nobility, characters may become the hunted, forced to navigate themes of power dynamics and the blurred lines between predator and prey.
Temporal Displacement: Trapped in a timeless faerie realm, characters may experience the disorientation and emotional toll of being detached from the passage of time.

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