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Publisher: EDGE Studio

Have you already joined the fun, collaborative narrative world of the Genesys Roleplaying Game? Add support to your game with Factions 1: A Faction Talent Supplement for Genesys! Developed by Fantasy Flight Games veteran freelancer Keith Ryan Kappel, this factions supplement offers a new rules subsystem for adding faction alignments and abilities for players and adversaries alike!

This supplement includes:

  • 100% Genesys Core Rulebook compatible rules. No converting or guesswork necessary!
  • 65 new Talents!
  • Five generic factions!
  • Three specific factions that include the Order of the Pure Stone and HRO Division!
  • New rules for creating your own factions for characters to join and advance within!

Factions 1: A Faction Talent SupplementPrice: $2.99