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Publisher: Toorte

Black and white logo, strange symbol circled, aging.

After an earthquake, ancient mines were revealed near the city of Anthrog.

Shortly after, strange infected wolves began to attack the town.
You are engaged by the Usurer’s Guild to put an end to this problem,
once and for all !

Drawing of a dragon, stylized in simple lines, black and white.

[ Version FR ]

Every Monday, discover a new monster and its quick plot-hook : a psychic parasite, a cursed item, a monstrous insect….

“Monsters of the Week” is a series of scenario, quick to read and to add to your play nights, whether to complete an ongoing campaign, to start one or simply for a one-shot !
They are not written for a specific system or universe in order to let you modify and develop them at will.


  • a quick-to-read plot-hook,
  • exclusive illustration for the monster,
  • a description of the creature.

Come and discover a new abomination each Monday,

and don’t miss the “Monsters of the MONTH” at the end of each month, containing a special scenario, developed scenarios, and other exclusive hand-outs !

Drawing of a black and white mask, finger on its mouth.

[ENG] Monsters of the Week 04 - Forgotten mines of AnthrogPrice: $1.00