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Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment

Send your players to the Edge!

With the Hisarlisk kingdom recently ceding the asteroid belt known as the Edge to the Ravnivori, the empire needs brave, talented and ambitious people to tame this largely undeveloped frontier.  Do your PC’s have what it takes to obtain glory?

Tall ships in space.

As part of the Void Runners universe, Encounters in the Edge combines all the excitement of the era of sail with the wonder of space travel and exploration in true planetary romance style.

Monsters to vanquish.

With the mysterious pleikomin, the cunning rattlefiend, the insidious aether barnacles, the terrifying dagger dead and the murderous devil koi, five new monsters each with an adventure focused on them await your PC’s.  All you have to do is pick a monster and run the adventure with minimal prep.

Taking Savage Worlds to the Edge.

Including combat, dramatic tasks, chases, and ship-to-ship combat, Encounters in the Edge will force your players to utilize all their character’s skills and abilities to succeed.

Friends to make, creatures to play.

In addition to the monsters available, an NPC captain and ship to serve as transportation for the PC’s is included as well as an obsessed NPC elf to serve as ongoing friend or foe.  Also included are rules to play runkin, the strange natives of the Edge as PC’s.

Encounters in the Edge also includes a copy of the Void Runners Combat Operations Manual with the rules needed for running ship-to-ship and squad level combat.

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