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Publisher: Josh Gentry

Veteran Level Up: Advanced Fifth Edition designer Josh Gentry brings you an all-new approach to looking at monsters! 

This free supplement spotlights the khalkos, and how to make running this monster precisely as horrific as this creature diserves to be! The tool features the following benefits:

Hardcore horror content not for the faint of heart!
A drag-and-drop module suitible for any campaign (especially sandbox and published adventures)
Rules for tracking planetary infestation
Encounter tables inspired by the khalkos’ ecology and lore 
Environmental traits for helping drive home the anxiety of living under interplanar siege by alien forces!
Rumor and encounter tables for exploring realms under the shadow of the khalkoi
Role-playing advice for the khalkoi
Includes seven khalkos variants!
Includes free support for Foundry VTT (coming soon!)

Happy Haloween!

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