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Publisher: Hero Forge Games

Dungeon Dash! is a push-your-luck card game set in the world of the Hero Kids Fantasy Role-Playing Game. Each turn you can venture further into the dungeon in search of gold and magic items. Be careful, though, because traps and fierce monsters are in these dark tunnels too!

The print-and-play version of the game comes with rules, 77 dungeon cards, 12 hero cards (with color art from the Hero Kids game), 8 magic item cards and rule summary cards. You’ll need to supply some six-sided dice and about 10-15 chips per player.

For 2-6 Players, ages 5 and up. Younger players will need cards read to them, but they can make the simple choices required, as when playing the Hero Kids RPG.

If you order the printed deck, be sure to add the Print-n-Play version for free. You’ll get the file for the rules, plus the file of larger character cards. The printed deck comes with poker sized character cards, but you might want to print the larger ones too.

Dungeon Dash - A Hero Kids Dungeon Crawl Card GamePrice: $7.99