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Publisher: Goodman Games

A Level 2 Holiday Adventure

The Yule-Light is dying. 

Perched atop its majestic pine of old, this strange gemstone tree-topper has sat for untold millennia, shining its joyful and life-giving light over the small hamlet of Christmas Town that surrounds it. Its radiant light, a symbol of peace and hope to all, now wane and dimming.

While far to the north, hidden in the gloom of a mountain-top cave, the vile creature known as the Grinch has awakened. Foul, mean, and a real rotter, this king of sinful sots possesses a small heart and a hatred for the holidays above all things. 

Now, with only days left before Christmas Eve, a sour-sweet wind blows across the land, spreading a vile taint that threatens the yearly tradition that sees Lord Claus travel the realm delivering cheer and good faith to the masses.

With the fate of Christmas and peace in the realm resting upon a knife’s edge, a group of brave adventurers gathers to embark on a heroic quest to fight back the darkness and save the holidays from The Doom That Came to Christmas Town…

Rules Set: DCC RPG

Writer: Marzio Muscedere

Cover art and Cartography: Stefan Poag

GMG52020, 28 pages, 8.5”x11” format

Dungeon Crawl Classics 2020 Holiday Module: The Doom that Came to ChristmastownPrice: $6.99