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Publisher: JVC Parry

The earth is gone

The gods are real

We must find Valhalla

The runes guide us

Drakar is a sci-fi, indie microRPG inspired by the climate crisis, Norse iconography,
and episodic science fiction television such as Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Expanse.

Unlocked Troubles is the first official expansion to the Drakar core game, featuring 41 new Troubles to accompany those presented in the original game. These new troubles come from the game’s author, JVC Parry, as well as Alison HuangDan HuntCat EvansJacky LeungLeon BarillaroMatt SandersOliver DarkshireSadie LowryStephen Hart, and Tom Wilkins.


Drakar - Unlocked TroublesPrice: $8.23