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Publisher: Fat Goblin Games

Double-Page Adventures #12 — Feathertop

”Dickon, another coal for my pipe!”

Using TinyD6 From Gallant Knight Games

The most important item of all, probably, although it made so little show, was a certain broomstick, on which Mother Rigby had taken many an airy gallop at midnight, and which now served the scarecrow by way of a spinal column, or, as the unlearned phrase it, a backbone. One of its arms was a disabled flail that used to be wielded by Goodman Rigby before his spouse worried him out of this troublesome world; the other, if I mistake not, was composed of the pudding stick and a broken rung of a chair, tied loosely together at the elbow. As for its legs, the right was a hoe handle, and the left an undistinguished and miscellaneous stick from the woodpile. Its lungs, stomach, and other affairs of that kind were nothing better than a meal bag stuffed with straw. Thus we have made out the skeleton and entire corporosity of the scarecrow, with the exception of its head; and this was admirably supplied by a somewhat withered and shriveled pumpkin, in which Mother Rigby cut two holes for the eyes and a slit for the mouth, leaving a bluish-colored knob in the middle to pass for a nose. It was really quite a respectable face.

Feathertop: A Moralized Legend by Nathanial Hawthorne (1852)

This Double-Page Adventure includes special rules that are enhanced by having Stranger Stuff: Teenage Witchcraft but the book is not needed to use this adventure.

Double-Page Adventures are a two-page adventure hook with visual aids and only-the-necessary-bits for Gamemasters of the Stranger Stuff for TinyD6 minimalist tabletop roleplaying game from Fat Goblin Games to make a scenario or full adventure for their Kids to play in (some assembly required). Double-Page Adventures typically focus on one of the following (though it might also include others in one DPA): a key a new Location,a new Monster, a specific Scenario for the Kids to navigate, some new Stuff (i.e. extraordinary item), a new Power Trait, and some even include new Spells for the Teenage Witch and Spell Reader Supernatural Power Trait. References are made to the fictional default setting of Stranger Stuff, the quiet midwestern town of Crestview Hills — which is fully presented in Stranger Settings also from Fat Goblin Games — but no other book than the core Stranger Stuff for TinyD6 rulebook is needed to play this adventure.

Stranger Stuff is a minimalist tabletop roleplaying game of 1980’s inspired adventure, horror, and science fiction, where you play as “Kids” in their teens. But it’s not just homework and asking someone to the dance that are the terrors they need to face. Clearly influenced by the hit Netflix series, but also the great films that inspired that show, Stranger Stuff takes the original card-based vs. Stranger Stuff game released by Fat Goblin Games and adapts it to be played using TinyD6, a dice-based rules-light tabletop roleplaying game from Gallant Knight Games, so that you can play both existing adventures with quick adaptation but also prepare the Kids for totally different dangers still to come. 

About Fat Goblin Games

Based in South Carolina, USA, Fat Goblin Games was founded in 2011 to create Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible products. With a focus on high-quality production values and providing a creative environment for our team of freelancers (The Fat Goblin Hoarde), Fat Goblin Games has quickly become a recognized force in the world of Third Party Publishers of not just the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and 5th Edition Fantasy, but also supporting the vs. M Engine, our own Difference Engine, and TinyD6 games originally produced by Gallant Knight Games. With hundreds of support books, visual aids, campaign settings, and quality stock art, Fat Goblin Games continues to provide exciting content and fantastic worlds in which gamers can immerse themselves.

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