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Publisher: Chaosium

Whoever messes with the ancient powers of Egyptian pharaohs can be struck by the curse of the pharaoh! Already many have dug and explored too deep. But occasionally it is not so much curiosity but its lower form, the greed for wealth, which – as in this adventure – is the undoing of two workers from Aken. If only they had taken the warning on the transport crates seriously. But they have sealed their own fate and, possibly, the fate of the entire town. For in the subterranean catacombs of Giza an unnamable creature has lurked for aeons whose very own desire has been awakened and whose long breath now reaches into peaceful Aken. Can the staff of the Obscuriat prevent worse and escape the tomb of the pharaohs, as only the great magician Houdini seems to have managed before…?

This adventure is written for the 7th edition of Chaosium’s “Call of Cthulhu” Keeper’s Rulebook and is set in the 1920s in the fictional town of Aken, Germany. The adventure is primarily detective-investigative in the first part, while the second part is mystical-occult. It is equally suitable for newcomers to this wonderful hobby, as well as experienced groups as a small interlude in a larger campaign or as a prelude to one.

Dossier No. I is the first in a series of future investigations to be set in the world of Obscuriat Walser. Dive into the Aken of the 1920s.

92 pages in all:

54 pages of adventure, with a summary (setting & key information) at the end of each major scene to help the Keeper guide the investigation
2 pre-made investigators to get you started right away
11 extra pennants of key NPCs to hang on the Keeper’s screen
12 pages of lovingly designed contemporary handouts
1 character sheet template for additional brave investigator

You get three versions of the adventure:

one optimated for tablet/online,
one to printed out (high end),
one printer friendly (for your home printer),
Also you get all hand-written handouts in cleartext-version.
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