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Publisher: Thought Punks

Corporations went too far. Executives too out of touch. Managers cared too little. Workers had too much. The REVOLUTION began.

Office buildings are now hardened fortresses. Even a minor delivery undergoes deep background checks before gaining entry.

Full files and work history were generated on your behalf. You are part a key REVOLUTIONary cell, after all. In place for months, you finally receive the signal. It is time. You must fulfill one simple mission: DICK PUNCH EVERY SUIT.

DICK PUNCH EVERY SUIT is roleplaying game designed for 4-7 players, played in one or a series of sessions lasting 2 to 4 hours. All the players play roles, collectively telling the story of the anti-corporate REVOLUTION and your DICK PUNCHing action.

Uses a simple d6 system for fast resolution. Play focuses on carrying out the mission while navigating corporate hell.

Come get a taste of satisfication. Come punch those dicks.

Version without interior art and background images included for ink-friendlier printing.

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