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Publisher: Rand Brittain

Every year, as all good children know, Father Christmas rides out on his sleigh to bring wonderful gifts to all the world’s children.

Well, until now…

This year, one of the Nobilis has made it their business to keep Christmas from coming, and it’s up to your players to put a stop to their schemes! They may have to fight their way through witches, jailbroken elves, hacked stuffed animals, and intense scheduling difficulties, but nothing will stop them from thwarting this plot and saving Christmas for nice children everywhere.

Unless they don’t. This adventure also includes support for putting an end to Santa’s somewhat-questionable scheme to determine exactly who’s Naughty and who gets to be Nice. Since when does he get to decide these things just because he’s (a) god?

This is a one-shot adventure for Nobilis, officially licensed by Jenna Moran for publication here under the Apocynum Press imprint. This adventure is also compatible with her new game, Glitch: A Story of the Not.

  • Compatible with Nobilis
  • Compatible with Glitch
  • Includes four pregen PCs for pick-up-and-play
  • Destroying Christmas is not actually mandatory, if you were wondering

DESTROY CHRISTMAS: A Nobilis One-Shot AdventurePrice: $28.00