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Publisher: Farsight Games


DVDs have just entered the entertainment market. The PS1, the internet and Windows 95 were made available to all and the role of technology in everyday life was on the increase. 132,063,047 Babies Were Born. And the world turned.

While the population of the planet was distracted by new tech, TV shows and the cult of celebrity, insidious things were occurring in the shadows; creatures of lore began to take their last steps in the sunlight before the concrete took their homes, ghosts begged for the attention of living souls too busy with the draw of the television, and visitors from other worlds had to try harder to stay hidden as cameras and recorders found their way into every device.

And monitoring all of this weirdness is ‘Dept. X’. An unofficial department of every major government, Dept. X slides closed files and mysteries to agents of all organisations and bureaus – from the Police to the FBI to Interpol to Scotland Yard. Agents they know will investigate on their behalf, using the resources of their own departments.

The governments know that Dept. X exists. They would rather it didn’t, but there are secrets to be kept…

Dept. X is both needed and ridiculed. Their job isn’t to just suppress the truth that is out there, but to verify it and catalogue it. Nobody will believe the agents that do the investigating so they choose pairs with bad records or bad reputations.

Plausible deniability.

A 4-page rules light TTRPG

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