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Publisher: Demons & Dungeoneers Gamebooks

Percivale Merrywells had a difficult childhood with no parents at the young age of 8. He grew up in the deep alleyways of the bustling city of Sinatorium, and had to steal to survive. He was adept at pilfering whatever he could, from food to gold coins to jewelry. At first, it was a means to survive, but as he grew much older, Percivale realized he had a passion for music. After getting his hands on a harp, he decided to make a living playing and singing at local taverns.

Though he had stopped stealing, he still got into trouble from time to time. His big mouth often led to fights with unsavory characters, and he often found himself battered and bruised. It was then that a master swordsman took him under his wing and taught him the art of fencing. As his skills improved, so did his confidence, and his reputation began to precede him.

One night, while singing at the local tavern, an ambush occurred, and the group of adventurers found themselves in grave danger. Without hesitation, Percivale stepped in and began to play his harp and sing. Everyone in the tavern was quickly put under a trance from his magical voice and the gang was stopped in their tracks.

The adventurers were amazed at the power of Percivale’s bardic magic and quickly welcomed him into their group. From then on, Percivale was an integral part of the team, using his music, fencing skills, and wit to help keep the dungeoneers alive. His presence was often a blessing, but it could also be a curse, as he was known to be quite annoying at times.

But despite his flaws, Percivale had found his home amongst the Dungeoneers. Together they will face many adventures, and with his magic and skill, Percivale is always there to help them succeed.

This character sheet is completed and (fillable) allowing you to throw away that pencil with eraser to enjoy a Demons & Dungeoneers gamebook.

The following games where Percivale Merrywells appears include –

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Demons & Dungeoneers! Orcish Ambush

Demons & Dungeoneers! Arena of Doom

Demons & Dungeoneers! The Dungeoneers

Demons & Dungeoneers! Orc Invasion

Demons & Dungeoneers! Shagrock Tunnels

Demons & Dungeoneers! Silvernarion

Demons & Dungeoneers! Tomb of Peldarn

Demons & Dungeoneers! The Undead Curse (Coming Soon)

Demons & Dungeoneers! Org’Tas Caverns (Coming Soon)

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