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Publisher: Demons & Dungeoneers Gamebooks

Onafaris Voldeman had always been an odd figure in his birth town of Rondor located at the western shores of the Bavidirian Empire. His interests in the dark arts of magic were a source of great curiosity and some trepidation amongst the townsfolk.

Onafaris had been practicing demonology and necromancy, but he soon found these practices limited. What he really enjoyed was the art of conjuration; the ability to summon up beasts and creatures from the depths of the unknown.

So, Onafaris decided to set out in search of adventure and joined the Adventurer’s Guild. Here, he met others who shared his passion for the arcane arts as an adventure, and they soon set out together to seek knowledge and treasures of great magic.

Their primary goal was to explore the deep dungeons and caves where the vilest creatures had been known to lurk and to keep those areas free from danger. Onafaris was an invaluable asset to the group, with his ability to summon forth powerful creatures to join them in battle.

They have built quite a reputation and are known as simply the Dungeoneers, and it consists of a bard named Percivale Merrywells, a sorceress named Soliana Waessatra, a rogue named Cilihgin Longsmigh, and a warrior named Glamroid Ironrock. Together, they would venture into the darkness and fight against the creatures that threatened the peace and safety of those who wished to live in harmony together.

Onafaris is a master of his craft, and his summoning of creatures has become legendary amongst the Dungeoneers. He is an integral part of the group and its success, and he is proud to be part of such a brave and noble cause.

This character sheet is completed and (fillable) allowing you to throw away your pencil and eraser to enjoy a Demons & Dungeoneers gamebook.

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Demons & Dungeoneers! Org’Tas Caverns (Coming Soon)

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