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Publisher: Demons & Dungeoneers Gamebooks

Glamroid Ironrock is a proud warrior of Staengdor, a dwarven fortification deep within the Dwanen Mountains. He is always dependable and steadfast and is ready for whatever challenge comes his way.

But this was a challenge unlike any other.

Glamroid and his comrades ventured into the Mine of Gol’dor in search of valuable gems. Instead, a hoard of goblins attacked causing unrest and ruining the mine. The mine started to collapse and killed everyone but him, who was lucky to not be crushed, yet trapped between boulders and rubble.

An adventuring group so happened to hear the cries of Glamroid a few days later and they had worked together to free the dwarf miner from his prison to save his life. Grateful, Glamroid now is part of the group to help aid in whatever tasks are asked for to keep the fellowship alive.  

The group travels far and wide, searching out hidden dungeons and caverns. Each time, they face danger and evil, but each time, Glamroid is there, defending his companions with his mighty indestructible pick axe.

Glamroid is proud to be a dungeoneer, and he will never forget the day his life was saved by them.

This character sheet is completed and (fillable) allowing you to throw away that pencil with eraser to enjoy a Demons & Dungeoneers gamebook.

The following games where Glamroid Ironrock appears include –

Demons & Dungeoneers! The Dragonslayer

Demons & Dungeoneers! Orcish Ambush

Demons & Dungeoneers! Arena of Doom

Demons & Dungeoneers! The Dungeoneer

Demons & Dungeoneers! Orc Invasion

Demons & Dungeoneers! Shagrock Tunnels

Demons & Dungeoneers! Silvernarion

Demons & Dungeoneers! Tomb of Peldarn

Demons & Dungeoneers! The Undead Curse (Coming Soon)

Demons & Dungeoneers! Org’Tas Caverns (Coming Soon)

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