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Publisher: Demons & Dungeoneers Gamebooks

Cilihgin Longsmigh had never thought of leaving the Mystic Woods, as it was taught to her that it is not safe to do so and everyone who does will receive banishment. Despite the warnings of danger, she defied her people and urged them to explore the world outside of her beloved forest. Most disagreed and others were too frightened to do so. Despite understanding the consequences of defying the rules of her people, she built up the courage to leave alone.

When Cilihgin stepped foot outside, she was taken aback by the hustle and bustle of the cities and towns, and the chaos of the various races, cultures, and lifestyles. She was amazed at the various creatures large or small roaming the lands. She quickly learned that the way of life was very different from the peaceful ways she was so used to in the Mystic Woods that the wood elves worked so hard to keep.

At first, Cilihgin felt alone and vulnerable, regretting to defy her people. But eventually, she found an outlet for her curiosity and determination. She taught herself the art of stealing, setting traps, picking locks, and charming her way out of difficult situations. She trained hard on herself and was as agile and athletic as any of the other adventurers in the land. She became versatile and useful to many who wanted her services.

Cilihgin quickly gained notoriety in some of the towns of the Bavidirian Empire for her skills and was soon approached by a group of adventurers called the Dungeoneers. The group was seeking a rogue to join them on their adventures, and they felt that Cilihgin was the perfect fit. She joined the group and quickly became an invaluable member.

The Dungeoneers are well known to clean out dungeons and caves of danger.  Her skills are significantly important to find the treasures well hidden in these locations. Cilihgin finally found a new home in this world full of diversities and challenges, and that is with the Dungeoneers.

This character sheet is completed and (fillable) allowing you to throw away that pencil with eraser to enjoy a Demons & Dungeoneers gamebook.

The following games where Cilihgin Longsmigh appears include –

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Demons & Dungeoneers! Orcish Ambush

Demons & Dungeoneers! Arena of Doom

Demons & Dungeoneers! The Dungeoneer

Demons & Dungeoneers! Orc Invasion

Demons & Dungeoneers! Shagrock Tunnels

Demons & Dungeoneers! Silvernarion

Demons & Dungeoneers! Tomb of Peldarn

Demons & Dungeoneers! The Undead Curse (Coming Soon)

Demons & Dungeoneers! Org’Tas Caverns (Coming Soon)

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