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24 Pages, Full Color


Three weeks have passed since chaos engulfed Toulon, and the fires are yet to be extinguished. Predatory eyes have fallen on the city, each of them hungry for a slice of Hamza’s decimated territory, and deep in the Frankan marsh the Raven Sacrocant is ready to make his move…

The Raven puts pressure on his secret supporter, the Commando Prime Charcutier, and threatens him with blackmail. His bargaining chip: a Preservist stranded between life and death after a dangerous mission. Charcutier tasks one of his operatives to enter Sacrocant’s stronghold of Bayonne and rescue the wounded comrade, stripping the Raven of his hostage.

This playable scenario takes place after THE KILLING GAME and provides an opportunity to explore the aftermath of the disastrous events in Toulon. The scenario also introduces Players to crucial NPCs that make their appearance in BLACK ATLANTIC, while drawing them deeper into the mystery surrounding Jehammed’s Will.

DEGENESIS: Rising RavensPrice: $5.00